Huilong New Technology in Guangdong Package Association Annual Conference


On October 23, the Crowne Plaza Huizhou.

The annual "2020 Guangdong Packaging Association Information Committee Annual Meeting and Flexible Packaging Technology Exchange Meeting" hosted by the Guangdong Packaging Technology Association Information Committee · "Packaging Frontier" arrived as scheduled.

Huilong Plastic Machinery was invited to participate in the conference, and Mr. Xu Jincai, chairman of the board, gave a speech on "Health Food and Drug Flexible Packaging Compound Equipment and Technology".

The disadvantages of traditional extrusion lamination technology include low peel strength, poor surface flatness of the coil, "popping tendons", few types of adhesive resins, and complex equipment, which also discourage many companies!

In response to these problems, Jiangmen Huilong Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. concentrated on research and development, and solved these problems by using a number of technologies independently developed:

Among them, the three core technologies of Jiangmen Huilong are used in the adhesive-free (glue) extrusion compounding process that no longer requires AC agent, including polarization treatment device, oxidation zone energy conduction device and modified resin technology.

Has the following advantages:

1. The interlayer peel strength is higher, reaching 2N/15mm or above;

2. "Zero emission" and "zero residue" of organic solvents;

3. The production process is simpler, the AC agent coating is omitted, and the cost is reduced;

4. Appearance without bubbles and white spots;

5. The adhesive layer is harmless; the extrusion adhesive composite film is green and healthy.