In June, we continued to sprint (10 units shipped in May)


Affected by the new crown epidemic, many traditional enterprises have been hit a lot, and Jiangmen Huilong Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. has been looking for opportunities from the crisis, meeting market demand under the influence of the epidemic, and accelerating the research and development and sales to the "smile curve" End-to-end transformation, with the concept of "what customers need, Huilong will provide", developed meltblown cloth machines, and actively connected with manufacturers that need to produce anti-epidemic materials, achieving a breakthrough against the trend under the "epidemic" line.

Since the epidemic this year, anti-epidemic materials have been sought after by the market, and the production lines for the production of anti-epidemic materials have been in short supply. Therefore, our company took the initiative to take the initiative to meet customer requirements and officially launched a polypropylene meltblown nonwoven production line. More than 5 orders have been completed in May. The company's regular products (release paper & laminating machine) have also completed more than 5 sets. We are full of passion, non-stop, and work overtime to deliver the equipment to customers as soon as possible.